Headaches Can Be So Depressing

People with headaches, which respond to over-the-counter medication is very rarely visit their doctor.

But if the headache is

    happens every day is there when people wake up in the morning hangs over much of the day has been a problem for many months

, then doctors should ring alarm bells.

This is a classic type of headache in patients who have a tendency towards depression. Depressed people often present to the doctor with a continuous headache, which I can not find a reason. people often feel that the 'real' symptoms of headache are more acceptable than feeling depressed or low. shame they are depressed decreased tremendously over the past 20 years, but many people still find it hard to admit that they 'can not cope'.

Doctors are taught that classically depressed person moves slowly, looking sad, speaking slowly in a flat voice and showing little interest. That may be true, but it is not always the case.

Many people feel ashamed of feeling depressed. They finally recognized that they need medical help, but when you finally turn their doctor, they often put on a light face and minimize your suffering when describing how they feel.

The presence of persistent headache is a trace, however, together with

    Disturbed sleep - either not enough or too much Waking up early loss of appetite or overeating Smoking and drinking to excess reduction in previously enjoyed leisure pursuits decrease in sexual desire and activity

type of headache that depressed people complain of tension-type headache, mainly due to muscle contraction. The patient is tense (sometimes without even realizing it) and muscles of the neck, jaw and the skin tighten up. If this muscle contraction is held up for any length of time, it can cause tiny blood vessels break in the affected areas. It affects the blood flow and can cause severe headaches and pain.

I have a headache because I'm depressed - or I'm depressed because I have a headache


is well known that people with depression develop physical symptoms. doctor should know that although there is a headache as a symptom of depression, the pain is real. doctor should take a careful history as depression headaches have a characteristic pattern. They usually occur in the early evening or early morning. The pain is described as a small belt pressure, as Vice President, around the head. A person can claim to have suffered from these headaches for months or even years. Pain killing drugs are rarely done in these cases. Treatment should be directed to the cause - depression itself. Antidepressants can be very useful and biofeedback have shown some positive results.

flip side is that people who suffer chronic pain often develop depression as a result. In these cases, the physical side of the problem is usually given priority and little attention to the emotional aspect of all this suffering. headaches suffered by these people are the same as previously described.

These disturbing headaches can help - but it takes time, cooperation and total honesty on the part of suffering


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