If Your Doctor Can't Relieve Your Migraines, Try Homeopathy

My migraine was initially diagnosed when I was 36 years. As with many patients debilitating migraine attacks occurred a week, affecting my ability to function and lead a "normal life'.

To find relief and help, my first port was my general practitioner who is the most unsympathetic, implying that the three children, moving house and work were required to have a detrimental effect on my health and a combination of stress is' chosen 'manifest in the form of migraine. When I asked for suggestions for relief, antidepressants, were offered as "the best course of action. " GP also intimated that at the time of migraine is likely to disappear, if not a hysterectomy may be the answer


I was asked if any other family members had similar problems. Nor have I been warned about possible side effects of antidepressants, including the potential to become addicted. The whole visit was over within five minutes, I went to surgery reluctantly clutching a prescription. I hope that this is an atypical experience, and GPS these days are more sympathetic.

I decided to carry out research in the effects of these drugs may cause depression. I was horrified to discover that the symptoms I suffered headaches, nausea, difficulty in concentration, etc. may be even worse, and there were other potential side effects like sexual dysfunction, hair loss and abdominal pain. My immediate instinct was to throw the recipe away, no way I want all those chemicals inside me, untold potential for long-term damage to my body. Neither I want a hysterectomy, as my migraines are not coincide with the monthly hormonal changes.

I had tried all the well-intentioned advice from friends and family: for example, cut as possible dietary triggers, have more sleep, avoid stress. When none of those worked, I decided to put additional therapy, and a friend suggested that homeopathy may be beneficial. homeopaths use was not as widely known as it is today, many people concluded that their practices were a bit suspicious.

unperturbed and determined to find someone to help me, I used a local telephone directory to look for registered homeopaths, finally arranging initial consultation with those who seem the most genuinely interested and concerned with my condition during our introductory telephone conversation.

When I arrived, I began homeopath explains in detail 'like-for-like "principles of homeopathy. She was not at all offended or alarmed by my questions about their training and qualifications, the answers to which are most encouraging .

My life and history were discussed in depth, including a family history of migraine, and my sister has epilepsy, and I thought that my headaches were clues me in their development, which I was terrified. We talked about my past and present emotional state and a holistic approach in finding suitable relief.

During the consultation I explained that my migraine usually starts at the back of the head and spread mainly on the right side of the house, accompanied by a pounding, throbbing pain and was aggravated by light, noise, jarring and cold hands and feet. From this, and careful inquiry into the other life and family factors, the homeopath concluded that Belladonna would be useful for me.

told me that Belladonna is also known as deadly nightshade. I'm somewhat alarmed by this and expressed his concern over the use of such poisonous and sometimes fatal plant. homeopath understands my problems, and they agreed that it would be dangerous to use Belladonna to self, without the supervision of a qualified professional, who would know the correct dilution to use.

As an aside, Belladonna means 'beautiful eyes' in Italian and preparations used in days gone by to extend the pupils and make women appear more attractive and sexy.

But, besides, I was interested to learn that the therapeutic use of Belladonna is known for more than 500 years and it has proven useful in many different homeopathic remedies. I was relieved to learn that atropine, derived from Belladonna is an ingredient of some over-the-counter cough medicine.

My homeopath explained that there should be a useful Belladonna, there were other homeopathic remedies such as Sanguinarine, which is used to treat migraine headaches with similar symptoms, but with vomiting, which rarely happened in my case. Therefore it was agreed that Belladonna be prescribed initially.

The recommended dose for me, it was 3 pills every morning and night 3 for 5 days. She then asked me to come back for review within a week. He also advised me to switch off the cheese, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol for now, while keeping a headache diary to enable triggers to be identified and discussed during future consultations.

I went to visit a homeopath on a weekly basis for several months, all the while continuing to daily doses of Belladonna, which are gradually reduced. homeopath is always a productive visit and how she found out more and more about me, my lifestyle and triggers, she noticed that I tend to clench my jaw and grind my back teeth when they are subjected to discussion topics that are upsetting me or angry. She advised me to always sleep with my mouth slightly open to prevent muscle tension. I still try to remember to do it, if I feel stressed, even as I go to sleep. improvements in severity, intensity and frequency of my migraines were staggering, and they gradually disappeared.

I strongly recommend that anyone who suffers from migraine attacks should consult with a homeopath as I'm sure they will find their experience and expertise as a "life changing" as I am.

To repeat: Belladonna is another name for the deadly night-shade, and should never be self-administered. Use only under the supervision of a registered and qualified practitioner.

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