5 Reasons Why Your Doctor Wants You to Learn Full Body Massage - And the Drug Companies Don't!

really good therapeutic value of massage has been known for centuries and is still recognized by medical experts worldwide as an excellent way to combat pain and strengthen resistance to disease, of course, without pain. Medical research now provides strong evidence that massage drastically reduces stress and related illnesses, strengthens the immune system and gives you more detox, which increases energy and revitalizes the body.

So it makes sense that when you learn to massage, you can use its power of healing to everyone close to you - your partner, friends and family - giving them the ultimate gift of health


Here are five reasons to learn a full body massage to help keep the people you love away from their doctors and prescription drugs!

    massage relieves neck, shoulder and back pain and prevent headaches. Massage stretches and massages the skin, muscles and joints to release tension trapped in a tight knotted muscles and ease muscular pain. By learning massage, you can learn how to dispel the tension associated with pain and pain in the neck and shoulders that cause the most headaches and migraines. massage reduces anxiety, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Relaxing both mind and body, massage helps the body produce endorphins - natural painkillers and 'feel-good' neurohormones. release of accumulated stress, massage helps the subject to breathe deeply and easily and feel calmer and happier, so that they can think more clearly and get a good night's sleep without pills. Massage flushes out toxins from your muscles that cause fatigue and pain by increasing blood flow to oxygen. Massage speeds up the natural healing flow of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs, stimulates cell renewal and restoration and promotion of tissue regeneration, which helps reduce scars and stretch marks. Massage improves immunity to disease by stimulating the lymphatic system - the body's natural defense system to strengthen resistance to disease. And since that massage reduces stress, which experts say is the cause of more than 90 percent of the disease, and protect your health and prevent the subject any existing illness from worsening. massage increases joint mobility and flexibility, encouraging a healthy production of natural joint lubricants. Massage, of course, eases the symptoms of stiff, tired joints and reduce stiffness and pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

This is just a sampling of the ways that learning full body massage can improve the lives of those around you. Massage offers many more therapeutic properties through the ability to stimulate the body's natural pain-fighting and healing mechanisms.

When you learn to massage, you are actually encouraging the body depend on itself to fix the nagging pain and recurring illnesses and diseases, and even long-term and chronic, rather than resorting to the only dependency on prescription medication or over-the-counter painkillers.

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