Migraine Headache Cures - Migraine Auras

migraine aura is a specific kind of feeling, or prodomo, announcing the start of a migraine. It is a symptom or set of symptoms that some migraineurs, people who suffer from chronic migraines, know in advance that a migraine headache is about to feel.

Aura effects develop over about five minutes and usually occur from twenty minutes to one hour before the headache begins. They are a symptom of what is called "classic migraine". Medical practitioners, recently moved into a more scientifically accurate term, -s-migraine aura . Approximately 20-30% of migraineurs consistently experience any kind of aura before the headache begins.

Most patients with migraine auras are visual. Aura affects the visual field of both eyes, despite the often seemed to affect only one and lasts 50-60 minutes and then normal vision restored itself. These auras are called positive visual phenomena, because, instead of my vision fades or goes dark, people who experience them to see things.

They may include one or more of the following:

    aura or Haloes: haze or nimbus of light surrounding objects, in particular light source flashing lights or floating: color or white (rarely dark) spots that appear to move Lightning bolts: serrated or zig-zag lines that shine and / or arcs of the field, with the frequency or severity increases with time until the person can no longer see (Whiteout), this effect is usually terminated snapad headache pain . Photophobia: extreme sensitivity to light, in this sense often takes a duration of headaches Scotomas: a blind spot or area of reduced vision in the visual field. blurred vision pain in the eye: like the feeling that the eyeball is pressed
Although it is May feel more, most of the aura lasting less than an hour. Migraineurs who experience aura that lasts more than an hour, said to suffer from migraine with aura longer. In some cases it may be migraineur effects aura without headache developing, but it is still considered to be a symptom of chronic migraine. The same person at different times May experience all three variants of migraine with aura, migraine with aura, longer, or typical aura without headache.

migraine may not be accompanied by a classic aura, but also a host of other symptoms may indicate the onset of migraine headaches

    Loss of appetite Increased urination Excessive sweating facial swelling irritability Fatigue Nausea vomiting Fever

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